What is the E100 Bible Reading Challenge?

group reading BibleThe E100 Bible Reading Challenge is based around 100 carefully selected Bible readings (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) designed to give participants a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The 'E' stands for Essential and each of the Essential 100 readings ranges from a few verses to a few chapters.

The programme is very flexible and can be used by individuals but it is even more powerful when adapted to the context of the local church. Through completing the challenge, participants are encouraged to build a regular habit of spending time with God through Bible reading and prayer.

Who is behind the challenge?

The programme was pioneered by Scripture Union in the USA where it is now a joint project with American Bible Society. Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Argentina are implementing or planning nationwide E100 campaigns.

As part of the Biblefresh initiative, a consortium comprising the national Bible Societies and the Scripture Union movements of England and Wales, Ireland Northern Ireland and Scotland, along with Wycliffe Bible Translators has been formed to promote the programme throughout Britain and Ireland.

What do users think?

Feedback from users in churches that have run a pilot programme have been very positive.  Here are some of their comments:

  • Found it a very useful exercise - especially for the Old Testament.
  • It has given me a lot to think about and a lot to pray about.
  • I have found the content of the pages easy to read and just long enough as a daily reading.
  • I have found the E100 an excellent resource.
  • I found it refreshing to follow this overview. It is a time commitment, but since I'm 'retired' (though busy) I should have the time!
  • E100 is an excellent guide to the Bible. Very helpful.
  • Found it a fresh approach and yet good to go over what is generally familiar.
  • Very good indeed, when I have finished I'll probably start all over again. It reaches parts I've not touched before. The reflections are excellent.