bible fresh

What next?

Once you complete the E100 Bible Reading Challenge you will have gained a really good overview of the Bible and - we hope - a real enthusiasm to read more of the Bible.

There are many ways you can do that whether you choose to read the Bible on your own or in community with others.

A good starting point is WordLive a free suite of Bible reading resources from Scripture Union. You can access WordLive through a daily email, online, via your mobile phone - now, it is even available as an App for the iPhone and iPad.

If you find it helpful to read the Bible with other people you should check out lyfe - connecting God, us and everyday life

lyfe is about going deeper into the Bible to connect God, us and everyday life. It's about making discoveries through reading and reflecting on the Bible with others. And it's about joining the conversation and community of people seeking a richer relationship with God. You'll be introduced to six tried and tested challenge zones which have helped people live a deeper life with God. Then it's about you recreating those challenges for yourself – and exploring day to day what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus now. Visit

Scripture Union produces other guides and you can read more here.