An opportunity for your church to be inspired afresh by the Bible

We are well on our way to our target for 1,000 churches across Britain and Ireland to take up the E100 Bible Reading Challenge during 2011 - as you can see from the map below. Our hope and prayer is that:

  • More people become inspired to meet God every day through the Bible – not just for the period of the challenge but beyond
  • Christians are encouraged to read parts of the Bible that are unfamiliar to them and so they become more confident in their understanding and knowledge of the Bible
  • Churches discover the blessings of reading the Bible in community
    Participants gain a real insight in the overview of scripture and an overview of the whole Bible.

How does it work?

One of the attractions of the programme is that it is very flexible. E100 is a personal challenge but to achieve maximum impact churches should integrate E100 into their whole teaching programme. 

The best approach is to set an agreed plan for the church. Most participants can complete five readings a week but it is a good idea to allow a ‘blank week’ every few weeks to give folk time to catch up if need be. We have developed three possible approaches (PDF Document) to illustrate how it could work but the permutations are endless and can be tailored to your particular church context.

E100 PlannerIdeally at the start of each week of readings the sermon would provide an overview of the section that is coming up and maybe some reflections on the readings that have just been completed. We have prepared a helpful two sets of sermon outlines to help church leaders plan their teaching programme. There is a set of 20 sermons which provide an overview of the blocks of five readings and a set of eight sermons covering a wider range of readings.

You can purchase E100 Planners from CPO to help participants monitor their progress through the programme.

Some churches use the study guide in their home groups or develop mid-week study groups to run in parallel with their regular home groups.

Research shows that participants are much more likely to complete the challenge if they do so as part of a wider programme. But if that is not practical for your church you could simply encourage church members to take up the challenge during 2011, the Year of the Bible, as individuals or in groups.

If your church is using E100, either in small groups or as part of your Sunday programme, please share this news so that others can join you. Please give us your church's information. The map below shows the churches who have done so already!

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