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Guide for adults

Essential 100 guideAlthough some of the Bible is easily understood it is not all an easy read. So that is where the E100 Bible Reading Challenge guide comes to help — 100 carefully selected Bible excerpts from both the Old and New Testaments, along with engagingly written notes to help you reflect on the Bible's meaning and relevance for you today. It highlights the major themes in a way that really makes sense. And there is space for you to make notes — either on how God is speaking to you or to note down questions to follow up later.

Essential 100 is a beautiful book, ideal for beginners in Bible reading as well as the more experienced. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible including introductions for different sections, 100 readings with notes, and opportunities to pray and respond. It encourages a holistic head and heart engagement with the Bible alongside intimacy with God. Anyone wanting to discover the 'big picture' of the Bible, its relevance to daily life, and a relationship with God will find this book invaluable.

The book is available from Christian bookshops and Scripture Union online or by telephone on +44 (0)1908 856006.

  • Single copies paperback cost £6.99.
  • A single use PDF download is available for those who prefer to read on the go or would like the opportunity to view the text at a larger size, costing £5.50.
  • Churches can order packs of five copies of the paperback for just £25 - a saving of £9.95 on the single copy price.
  • A Kindle edition and an ePub edition is also available. Both are priced at £6.99.

Guide for children

Big Bible ChallengeBig Bible Challenge is a is a child-friendly version of the E100 Bible reading programme, exploring the big story of the Bible through 100 selected 'essential' passages.

The stories are grouped into 20 Bible challenges, each featuring five Bible stories, one in full and four in summarised form with the opportunity for the reader to find out more. Each challenge helps the child to explore the Bible both visually and through responding to suggested questions and activities.

The book is ideal for using as part of the E100 challenge so that the whole church family can follow the programme together.It is a complete Bible engagement strategy for children and adults together. Big Bible Challenge invites each young person, particularly aged 7-12 years, to connect with another Christian – their 'Bible Coach' – for a shared journey through the Bible and life. Big Bible Challenge equips them to explore 100 Bible stories, discuss issues of faith and discover the big story of the Bible, together.

Each section of the Big Bible Challenge book gives taster questions; Bible text from one story with linking information; facts and information; questions to explore the Bible passage; prayer ideas; things to make or do; genuine questions and answers from real children and adults; full colour artwork in a 'medley' style with 5 Bible stories depicted in each picture; Bible exploration on four more Bible stories.

The book is available from Christian bookshops and Scripture Union online or by telephone on +44 (0)1908 856006, costing £9.99.

Guide for groups

study guideEssential 100: Group Study Guide provides 20 study outlines for small groups based on the 100 Bible readings in the E100 programme. It aims to help your group get to grips with the big picture of what the Bible is all about – and to support one another on this exciting journey of discovery. It will help you to:

• Explore further the E100 Bible passages.
• Share your questions and insights.
• Encourage one another in your journey through the Bible.
• Hear from God together and grow in your relationship with him.

The guide costs just £3.50 for single copies or £15 for a pack of five.

It it also available as an electronic download in PDF form at the cost of just £2.65.